Orlando Trip - Day 2 - Mini Golf & Disney Springs

Despite forcing myself to stay awake until 10pm last night I was firmly in the wide awake club at half past four. Lots of Facebook scrolling later and I was having an early breakfast of poptarts and ice cream (I'm on holiday so this is totally okay).

We made it to Walmart this morning for straighteners as my 11 year old GHDs don't work here - the vast majority of UK straighteners do work though. Could have spent all week in the shop it was so big. Quick stop at publix - $55 for a shop that would have cost about £30 back home. Exchange rate is a killer and fruit, veg and bread in particular are very expensive.

The nights are really quite chilly in February and we had the heating on this morning in the villa, but after our shop I'm sitting outside sunbathing and my phone refuses to work because it's overheated. If you've never been in February the weather is normally lovely - just take a jacket out for the evenings.

Played mini golf this afternoon ($10 each for one round). If the point of the game was to get the highest score then I was a clear winner unfortunately the rest of my group seemed to think I lost.

Disney springs this evening - I've never seen it so empty. We walked along to West Side and got a boat to Marketplace - this is free but it was one disaster after another. Just missed the boat, then the next one broke down, then the next one, which we got, couldn't dock at Marketplace because another boat was in its space. It would have been much quicker to walk.

We had a quick dinner at Wolfgang Puck express. I had chicken tenders ($13) and Alex had half a chicken with mash ($16). Again - never seen it so empty. We both bought Magic Bands ready for tomorrow from Disney's Pin Traders. Alex got his custom made for an extra $2 and I got a regular Chip and Dale one off the shelf.

Hollywood Studios tomorrow and I love Fantasmic so we are really hoping to sleep in a bit tomorrow - at least until 6am - so I'm not flagging by the time it starts

*Please note this is a blog from a previous trip being posted here*

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